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Flavoured Tea

Flavoured teas are any teas to which additional flavour has been added. It is often considered the dessert of teas and was originally intended to mask inconsistencies in the flavour of batches of tea. 

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If you are a tea connoisseur, you must add flavoured tea to your collection! Flavoured tea offers a great variety and is a delicious refresher that can be consumed hot or cold. They are a great way to end your meal and are considered as dessert tea because of the sweet and delicate flavour.

If you love having guests over for dinner parties, these teas are sure to be an impressive conversation starter.

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If you want to mix it up with your regular Earl Grey, we have a Flavored Cream Earl Grey variant which will soon be your go-to cup of tea. Other flavours like Elderberry Tea and Mocha Tea are also a great addition to your mornings!

Ideal food pairing: Flavoured tea is known as a dessert tea. They pair well with your dark and dense chocolate desserts and even the most complicated cakes and pastries.