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White Tea

White tea is one of China’s national treasures, made from hand-picked leaves. It is a virus and bacterial fighter full of antioxidants, and it supports the overall immune system by protecting against a broad spectrum of diseases and even the common cold.

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White tea is known as the purest form of tea. It is minimally processed and has less caffeine than your regular breakfast tea. The beautiful thing about White Tea is that it has a delicate sweet flavour that will leave you refreshed.

White Tea is considered to have many health benefits. It is good for your hair and skin health. Some studies state that it reduces the risk of cancer.

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Since this is the purest form of the tea, it is packed with antioxidants that are good for your immunity. Plus since the tea is pale yellow in shade, almost translucent, it does not stain your teeth like black tea and it is great at preventing tooth decay!

Ideal food pairing: White Tea has the most delicate taste, therefore ideally should be paired with food that is not too overwhelming. They are perfect to match with steamed, roasted white seafood or light cheeses.