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Green Tea

Green tea, native to China and India where it is used as medicine to control heal wounds, aid digestion, weight and mental health. Green tea is consumed globally and is hailed for its health benefits. 

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Once you start drinking Green Tea, it might be tough to choose any other tea. The tea is light and refreshing and a perfect pick me up throughout the day. Because it isn’t as overly caffeinated as black tea or coffee, it gives you just the right amount of energy to get through the day without that tired jittery feeling.

No wonder Green Tea is in the Super Food categories. It is power-packed with nutrients and has powerful health benefits that we can all do with. This has something to do with the fact that green tea leaves aren’t fermented.

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Green tea has been quoted as a diet hack for ages. It is because it is good for your skin, burning bad cholesterol and even leads to a small amount of weight loss, provided you practice a clean diet. Another fun fact: Green Tea also helps in eliminating bad breath! A great reason to start brewing.

Ideal food pairing: Since Green Tea has a more delicate taste it is good to pair with light foods like salads and mild curries. Nothing too heavy with this one.