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Organic Tea

Organic tea is void of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals that guarantee each sip is chemical-free. All teas contain large amounts of antioxidants – but because organic tea is purer, they tend to have higher concentrations of the most beneficial elements. 

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If you are looking to imbibe a healthy way of consuming caffeine into your diet, then organic tea is your friend. The tea is made with the least amount of preservatives and processing. It is designed to be toxic-free.

They are good for the environment as organic tea farms do not use harmful synthetic pesticides, chemicals and they are known to support the livelihoods of small communities and farmers.  Our organic teas are responsibly sourced for this reason.

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Organic Tea not only cleanses your body of toxins, but it is also gentler on your digestive system. Thus, making it a safe and healthy addition to your routine.

If you drink our organic tea, the way they are meant to, without milk and sugar, it can even help you in weight management. Provided you follow up with your regular diet and exercise of course! Drinking a cup of Organic tea is also a great way to relax.