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Wellness Tea

Wellness tea, also called medicine tea is a tea prepared for health purposes. This tea is designed for people not only looking for flavourful and quality tea, but who are also looking for specific health benefits. It is central to herbalism, which is to use herbs to heal the body.

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Wellness Tea is made of roots, herbs and plants. They are designed to improve your health and immunity. There are various types of wellness tea designed for different purposes and health needs.

Wellness Tea is known to boost your immune system and is known to keep your heart healthy. Some even make it part of their regular diet to improve their immunity with the least amount of effort. While they don’t claim to cure serious ailments, they do have soothing properties that make you feel better when you are a bit under the weather.

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Our range of wellness tea offers varied health benefits. If you have a high-stress lifestyle, the Relaxing Raspberry and Elixir tea could be a great addition to your daily routine. Finish your day with a hot cup of tea and destress.

We also recommend stocking up on our Flu Killer Tea. It is a great way to recover from the common seasonal cold and flu, the organic way. An essential in your flu kit.