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Herbal Tea

Herbal tea, also known as fruit tea is a beverage made from the infusion of herbs, spices, fruits and other plant material all into one and is a natural remedy to controlling and combating anxiety.

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Herbal teas are made from herbs or plant extracts. They do not have caffeine in them. When it comes to herbal tea, you have a variety of options depending on the effect you want to have.

Herbal teas have a wide range of flavours to choose from and can be consumed hot or cold. They are not only delicious alternatives to true teas but also contain health-boosting properties. Choose from our variety of Organic Peppermint tea, Chamomile Tea, Hibiscus Tea and many more.

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The right way to steep herbal tea is to brew it for 10-15 minutes to take advantage of its medicinal properties. Peppermint tea is known to reduce bloating and help with muscle spasms. Chamomile Tea is universally known as a calming tea, perfect to fight insomnia if you have trouble sleeping.

Herbal Tea is also good for cough and bronchitis. Therefore, before choosing a herbal tea, you need to know what health benefits you seek.