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Iced Tea

TeaSante’s iced teas are here to keep you cool. Juicy peach and strawberry, perfectly chill herbal teas, some ice cold matcha teas, the choice is yours. Share the tea love with our perfectly blended energizing brews that will keep you cool and fresh.

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One of the best drinks on the planet is definitely iced tea. It is refreshing, delicious and super easy to make. Whether you love a fruity combination, a fresh herbal mix, or a spicy combo, each one of them can be served over ice. Just brew it extra stronger, add some ice and enjoy an invigorating chill tea that will boost your mood. We’ve got the tea for every personality and for every taste: wake-up teas for the sleepyheads, unusual combinations for adventurers, wellness teas for self care.

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Need something refreshing? Why not make your own iced tea with our delicious blends? Here’s how to do this in 4 simple steps:
1. The best way to prepare your own yummy iced tea is to add double the amount of loose leaf tea per each cup of water (2 tablespoons per 8oz cup, for example).
2. Steep tea according to instructions on the packaging
3. Once your tea is done steeping, remove the tea leaves and add your sweetener and flavour
4. Once the tea is chill, pour it into a cup of tea and enjoy! For extra freshness add some fruit or lemon slices.