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Top 9 Loose Leaf Teas in San Diego

Image depicts loose leaf teas on spoons.

As one of the most popular drinks in the world, tea is known for its many health benefits and an incredible variety of different flavours that will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. This useful beverage can be consumed both hot and cold, depending on your mood and the time of the day. When it comes to tea, the possibilities are endless.

Most popular loose leaf teas in San Diego

Residents of San Diego sure love their daily cup of tea. Whether it’s the fruity aroma of our delicious mango tea, or the fresh kick of our mint – green tea, the most popular loose leaf teas in San Diego are as diverse as the city itself. Here are the top 10:

1. Watermelon Breeze Tea

The delicious taste of our Watermelon Breeze Tea earned its rightful place at the top of the list because of its benefits for the digestive system and the ability to keep you feeling energized and refreshed.

2. Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos Tea

This flavourful blend has just the right delicious ingredients to freshen up the day with spicy ginger and natural lemon bits that make for one aromatic cup. Residents of San Diego love the Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos Tea because of its amazing taste regardless if it is served hot or cold.

Image depicts freshly brewed loose leaf tea.

3. Cardinal Mango Rooibos Tea

With the refreshing taste of the mouthwatering mango, the Cardinal Mango Rooibos Tea falls under the category of the most popular loose leaf teas in San Diego because of its full-bodied taste that takes you to the most beautiful tropical places.

4. Vanilla Green Tea

Sweet vanilla is an essential part of any delicious dessert. Combine it with our green tea, calendula and sunflower, and you’ve got yourself a full-bodied Vanilla Green Tea that is rich in texture and flavour. Mmm, delicious…

5. Mint Green Tea

A perfect beverage for the summer, our Mint Green Tea is a wonderful combination of a full-bodied taste and an exhilarating aroma meant to freshen up the day. The intense flavor of the herb infuses sweet minty notes that blend with the tea’s slightly smoky and mellow profile.

6. Pai Mu Dan Loose Leaf Tea

Our Pai Mu Dan Loose Leaf Tea blend offers delicate jammy notes combined with a smooth velvety taste and a fresh aroma. With a delicate, flowery scent and a naturally sweet character, this tea is delicious and invigorating at the same time.

7. Ginger Mint Tea

Another delicious variation of our refreshing spicy teas is the Ginger Mint Tea which combines loads of energizing ingredients such as peppermint and spearmint leaves, rosehip pieces, rooibos, ginger, and rose, sunflower, calendula and osmanthus petals. What a vibrant combination, don’t you think?

8. SereniTEA

Today’s busy lifestyle allows for very few of those much needed relaxing moments. With the help of our SereniTEA, those moments will soon become an irreplaceable part of your daily routine. Designed to restore sleep, relieve tension and stress, this loose leaf tea will provide you with that sweet moment of escape you’ve been longing for.

9. Cranberry Apple Tea

Popular across the globe, our Cranberry Apple Tea is one flavourful blend that gives your body the vitamin boost it needs to feel energized and refreshed. Perfect in the winter to warm you up and ideal in the summer to cool you down.

With so many different variations, combinations and blends, it’s hard to find the tea you like the most. We say, why not try them all?! With Tea Sante’s easy delivery options, you can enjoy the multitude of delicious tea flavours as much as you want.

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