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Top 8 Loose Leaf Teas in Miami

Loose leaf teas on wooden spoons.

Marked as a health-conscious American city, Miami is known for its luscious beaches and hot weather. In order to accommodate such an active lifestyle under the sun, more and more individuals have swapped their carbonated, sugary, drinks for a healthier alternative – teas!

One notable thing about loose leaf teas is the fact that no matter your preference or taste, there’s a perfect tea for everyone. Whether you enjoy something herbal, a fruity punch, a tropical delight, or a drink with a little kick to it – you will find your ideal match.

In addition to its array of different flavours and aromas, each cup is filled with numerous health benefits unlike ever seen before. So you’ll know that with every brew, you are only helping yourself. Here are the top 8 loose leaf teas in Miami:

Image dpeicts different types of loose leaf teas from Tea Sante.

1. Citrus Green Apple Tea

Our list begins with the Citrus Green Apple Tea. What better way to combat the grueling heat than with a cup of refreshing notes of a citrus green apple? Indulge in this drink whenever you feel low in energy. Just one sip, and you’ll feel a tangy boost.

2. Cinnamon Sibu Tea

If you’re looking for a rosy green tea with a kick of sweet cinnamon, we’ve got the perfect drink for you. Cinnamon Sibu Tea is crafted in China, and brews out a light-colored cup – indulge in this delight if you enjoy sweet notes and smooth sips.

3. Sencha Cherry Rose Tea

The Sencha Cherry Rose Tea is a refreshing cup with smoothness in every sip. The green tea is infused with cherry flavoring and subtle rose notes. Grab yours to enjoy its delicious, exotic character – today!

4. Long Island Strawberry Tea

Cool down with the fruity kick of the Long Island Strawberry Tea. Strawberry and papaya pieces are skillfully blended into an exceptionally smooth green tea brew. Filled with antioxidants, this aromatic drink is brimming with numerous health benefits.

5. Lemon Green Tea

Another beverage that can be enjoyed either hot or cold, the Lemon Green Tea is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. Created with a pleasant blend of calendula and lime pieces – this green tea is the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness.

6. Blue Mango Tea

The Blue Mango Tea is on our list of the top 8 loose leaf teas in Miami for one simple reason – this exotic brew will transport your senses onto a tropical island. This delight is crafted combining green tea with pineapple and mallow petals for a vibrant and delicious taste.

7. Heavenly Bliss Blooming Tea

Heavenly Bliss Blooming Tea is a beautifully handmade and handcrafted delicacy. Created by blending together the fragrant jasmine green tea, chrysanthemum and amaranth. An aesthetically pleasing aromatic beverage that is smooth and calming with every sip. The perfect brew to unwind and relax with!

8. Honeybush Herbal Tea

Honeybush Herbal Tea is a refreshing and cleansing cup with hints of honey. Crafted with a single ingredient; the powerful honeybush, this lightly roasted brew is both full-bodied and sweet. Beyond its pleasant taste, it is also known to help fight diabetes and high blood sugar. This is one cup you don’t want to miss.

Teas are more than just variety and flavor that can be indulged in – they are filled with a string of benefits so that every sip is worth its while. At Tea Sante, we are dedicated to offering exquisite loose leaf teas, all at affordable prices. We are positive that you will find the right tea to satisfy your cravings – whether you seek an herbal tea, a fruity concoction, an aromatic cup or all of the above – we have what you are looking for. The options are limitless, while the quality is always at its best! Check out our website and find your ideal match today!

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