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Top 8 Loose Leaf Teas in Brampton

Image depicts different flavours of loose leaf teas.

With Brampton being the second fastest-growing city in Canada, it is no surprise that this vibrant cosmopolitan is filled with ethnically diverse individuals. People who have both similarities, and differences. In this city, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Luckily, loose leaf teas operate the same way. Whether you like a fruity flavour, a fragrant beverage, or an herbal pick-me-up, there is something for everyone. Here are the top 8 loose leaf teas in Brampton:

Image depicts loose leaf green tea.

1. Chrysanthemum Tea

The first on our list is the refreshing and aromatic Chrysanthemum Tea, whose floral notes will leave you reminiscent of Brampton – which is famously known as Flower City. This beverage can be enjoyed during any season, though people gravitate towards it more so during the summertime. Grown in China, Chrysanthemum offers ample health benefits for the body as well as the mind. Field-grown, this flowery tea is an absolute, and delectable gem.

2. Hojicha Shizuoka

The following green tea is better suited for colder months, with its full-bodied character and cinnamon-like toast notes. Hojicha Shizuoka has a reddish appearance that exudes the much-needed warmth and coziness during the wintry seasons.

3. Japanese Sencha Shizuoka

If you want to embody a tea that is not only reminiscent of culture and tradition but also holds a strong yet smooth character of its own, the Japanese Sencha Shizuoka is the one for you.

4. Black Currant Tea

The next tea is a Sri Lankan delicacy, made with luxury black tea, sunflower, blueberry and all-natural flavours. If you’re in the mood of an aromatic and refreshing beverage, the Black Currant Tea is the must-have for any summer party.

5. Wild Blackberry Tea

Another summer drink is the Wild Blackberry Tea. With every sip, you’ll be able to taste the beautifully ripe blackberries – a sweet and tart combination – to leave you in a state of invigorated bliss. Enjoy the beverage with some ice cubes, or even a touch of honey for an added kick.

6. Anxi Tie Kuan Yin K-100

The Anxi Tie Kuan Yin K-100 is next on our list of must-try teas in Brampton. Despite its complicated name, this Chinese luxury Oolong creates the perfect spring drink with its flowery aroma and taste. If you’re looking for a light floral beverage that leaves behind a refreshing taste, look no further.

Image depicts loose leaf oolong tea.

7. Morning Glory Blooming Tea

Morning Glory Blooming Tea is a prime example of how teas can be both visually appealing and absolutely delicious. This particular hand-crafted tea blooms when it makes contact with water, resulting in a beautiful flower to unravel and take form. In addition, the tea offers a multitude of benefits such as vitamins and antioxidants as well as can reduce fatigue, improve skin appearance, among many others. But don’t take our word for it, get this gem for yourself and experience the difference!

8. Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos Tea

The last one on our list is the Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos Tea. Created by combining ginger, lemon, calendula petals and rooibos tea, this refreshing yet soothing cup can be enjoyed hot or cold. Don’t delay indulging in this herbal delicacy.

Since the city of Brampton has a continental climate, varying temperatures that result in scorching summers and icy winters, the types of beverages you can indulge in during the year is extensive. Enjoy the cold loose leaf teas in the hot weather, and the hot teas in the cold weather. Or vice versa. At Tea Sante, the options for loose leaf teas in Brampton are limitless!

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