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Top 7 Loose Leaf Teas in Windsor

Image depicts a cup of tea.

One of the most amazing things about tea is that when it comes to flavour, it is so adventurously versatile. That’s because tea is sourced from all over the world and from many different plants, bushes, fruits, and more.

This has helped tea grow in popularity over the years. It is truly difficult to find someone who can’t find a flavour of tea that appeals to them. Black, green herbal, fruity, yerba mate, oolong, chamomile, white, and herbal tea – there’s a whole cornucopia of tea flavours that are well within the reach of casual tea drinkers and people who drink tea everyday.

Image depicts chamomile tea.

The rise of loose leaf tea in North America has only reinforced the reputation of tea to deliver new, intriguing flavours. Beyond the delicious flavours, tea also offers many health benefits, which is another reason why tea is so popular. It has been found that loose leaf tea can help with digestion, weight loss, bone protection, boosting your immune system, and so much more. This really makes tea a super drink because it tastes good and is so good for your body.

However, with all of the options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start if you are new to tea. To help with that, we put together this article which details the top 7 loose leaf teas in Windsor to help with your search.

1. Midnight Mint

There aren’t many people out there who think about combining peppermint with black tea, but it’s a mixture that works perfectly. Our alluring Midnight Mint tea is a great testament to the winning combination of black tea and peppermint.

2. Jasmine and Flowers Tea

Many people turn to green tea for its earthy flavour and to help with digestion and weight loss. Our Jasmine and Flowers Tea features the green Jasmine flavour that is loved the world over – but the flavour is enhanced by the addition of flower petals that add a floral note to this tea.

3. Organic Red Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is having its moment in the spotlight because it tastes great and is full of health benefits – and our Organic Red Rooibos Tea is no exception. This tea has a sweet and nutty flavour, and it can help support heart health and build strong bones.

4. Huang Jin Gui (Golden Egg)

Our Huang Jin Gui (Golden Egg) tea hails from the subtropical climate of the Fujian province in China. This tea has a complex, full-bodied taste, and it is popular with tea drinkers because it has flowery aroma and delicious flavour.

5. Relaxing Raspberry

Coming home from a long, hard day at work? Well, we have the perfect tea for you. Our Relaxing Raspberry tea is the perfect cup of tea to brew when you need to unwind after a busy day. The raspberry in this tea combines wonderfully with apple pieces and hibiscus that help soothe the body and the mind.

6. Sacura Cherry Rose White Tea

There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with a cup of our Sacura Cherry Rose White Tea. This tea is light but full-bodied, and its flavour offers delicate rose notes and sweet, astringent cherry notes.

7. Apple White Pepper Chai

Chai tea offers such a robust and lively flavour that many people have come to love. Our Apple White Pepper Chai tea introduces a twist to the beloved chai tea with apple, white pepper and natural ginger flavours.

When it is time to update your tea selection or broaden your tea horizons, this list of the top loose leaf teas in Windsor is your helpful guide to finding great loose leaf teas. For all of your tea needs, be sure to visit to peruse our impressive collection of loose leaf teas.

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