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Top 7 Loose Leaf Teas in Albuquerque

Image depicts a close-up of loose leaf tea leaves.

Albuquerque is one New Mexico city that delivers delicious local cuisine, an outdoorsy culture that won’t break your bank and never-ending sunny days. Boasting some beautiful parks and great weather, Albuquerque offers a small-town feel while still delivering big city advantages.

When it comes to tea, Albuquerque residents have their specific preferences. Some can’t imagine the day without their morning wake-up tea, some enjoy a nice smooth rooibos in the middle of the day, while others prefer their tea sweetened and over ice to fight off the heat. We’ve picked out the 7 most popular loose leaf teas in Albuquerque. Check them out:

1. Caramel tea

Why is this tea called the Caramel Tea? Well, apart from its smooth taste and buttery texture, this tea combines the wonderful flavour of black tea with delicious butterscotch chips and a hint of vanilla. Add some milk to it and you’ve got yourself a real caramelised delight in a cup.

2. Passion Fruit tea

The sweet, tropical flavour of this delicious tea is guaranteed to brighten your day. Apart from being a delight for your taste buds, the Passion Fruit Tea blend is packed with enzymes like chymopapain and papain that aid digestion and prevent bloating. Plus, it’s good for the skin too.

3. Rosehip Herbal tea

With its delicate floral aroma, the Rosehip Herbal Tea is known for its slightly sweet taste and a distinct tart aftertaste. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect your health. From improved immunity and heart health, this tea brings many health benefits. No wonder it’s one of the most popular loose leaf teas in Albuquerque.

4. Honeybush Vanilla tea

Flavoured with genuine Madagascar vanilla beans, the Honeybush Vanilla Tea tea offers an extremely flavourful blend with a rich overtone. With an abundance of healthy vitamins and antioxidants, the honeybush vanilla tea offers proper nourishment for your body that will keep you feeling healthy, energized and refreshed.

5. Organic Elixir tea

The Organic Elixir Tea is a must for year-round nourishment. A real immunity booster, this tea will help you stay healthy with its revitalizing ingredients that include luxury black tea, mate, sencha, luxury rooibos, guarana, vitamin C and malva.

Image depicts a freshly brewed cup of loose leaf tea.

6. Wedding tea

Perfect for special occasions, the elegant Wedding Tea blend has become one of the most popular loose leaf teas in Albuquerque because of its unique aroma offered by luxury rooibos, apple pieces, black tea, wild rose buds, jasmine and cornflower petals, natural flavours and calendula petals.

7. Cardinal mango rooibos tea

Originating in South Africa, the Cardinal Mango Rooibos Tea boasts delicious fruity notes that can transport you to tropical climates. The unique blend of luxury rooibos, mango, blackberry leaf and calendula petals offers a full bodied taste tempered with the sweet character of mango. Mmmm, delicious.

At Tea Sante, we believe in the power of tea, and that everyone should have their favourite go-to blend. We’re here to spread the love for our quality loose leaf tea with affordably priced blends delivered straight to your doorstep. Explore our online tea shop and discover the wonderful world of tea. What are you brewing today?

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