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Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in Wichita

Image depicts a red tea pot.

Wichita, Kansas is a city brimming with beautiful meadows and gardens, and incredible landmarks filled with culture. This versatile utopia is filled with equally versatile individuals. As such, preferences greatly vary between each person. While not everything can accommodate everyone, we’ve found that teas definitely can. Here are the top 6 loose leaf teas in Wichita:

1. Huang Jin Gui (Golden Egg)

The first tea to explore is the Huang Jin Gui (Golden Egg). Grown in China, this luxury oolong brews a yellow liquor with a thick and oily texture. Each cup combines the full-bodied essence of oolong with the delicate, flowery honeysuckle. This drink is quite popular among tea lovers due to its rich taste and complex flavors.

Image depicts oolong tea in a bowl.

2. Globe Amaranth Tea

Next on our list is the Globe Amaranth Blooming Tea. A beautiful creation, this handmade and hand-tied masterpiece brews a bright, golden infusion. Another China-native, each cup has smooth and satisfying green tea flavor, enhanced by the lovely aroma of playful peach and topped with notes of the lily flower and jasmine. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway drink, this is the one for you!

3. Apple White Pepper Chai

The third on our list is the Apple White Pepper Chai. If you enjoy the flavor of chai, or just lattes in general, this is the ideal pick. Created by blending apple, hibiscus, rosehip and cinnamon pieces with cardamom, ginger, cloves, black and white pepper and nutmeg – this spice-infused drink is the perfect warm-me-up during a chilly day. Each brew will fill you with aromatic notes and delicious taste with every sip.

4. Lime Gelato Tea

Next is the Lime Gelato Tea. Every cup evokes the flavor sensations of gelato straight from the motherland, Italy. This treat in a cup is created by infusing apples, hibiscus, rosehips, lemon peel, lime pieces, lime leaves together with peppermint. Each sip will leave you wanting more of its intriguing flavor notes and pleasing aromas. Best served hot or cold, don’t miss out on this international delicacy!

5. Honeybush Herbal Tea

The Honeybush Herbal Tea is on our list because each cup releases a refreshing and cleansing brew with a fuller and sweeter taste. The lightly roasted, floral essence of honeybush is often compared to honey itself, with the finish a reminiscent of light Madagascar pepper. With delicious notes of honey in every sip, this is one tea you’ll want to indulge in this summer. All the sweetness, none of the guilt. Adding this brew to our list of top 6 loose leaf teas in Wichita was a no-brainer!

6. Transcending Beauty Blooming Tea

The last one is the incredibly Transcending Beauty Blooming Tea. Grown in Yunnan Province in China, this artisan handcrafted tea is both handmade and hand-tied like the other blooming in on our list. Brewed out to a beautiful golden color, this wonderful tea infusion allows for a good night’s rest and kick-starts your morning with your mind and body totally energized. A simple blend of jasmine green tea and lily flowers will leave an enchanting taste in your mouth and a wonderful feeling overall. Try this tea and conquer your days!

At Tea Sante, we are dedicated to offering exquisite teas from our vast collections, at affordable prices. Teas are often underrated because people are unaware of the string of benefits that follow consumption. However, there’s more to them than the health benefits. If you’re looking simply searching for a new favourite or something that simply tastes great – we can provide it! In fact, we are positive that you will find the right loose leaf tea to satisfy your cravings – whether you seek an herbal tea, a fruity concoction, an aromatic cup or all of the above – we have what you are looking for. So don’t delay, go to our website to find your perfect fit today!

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