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Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in San Jose

Image depicts bags of different loose leaf tea blends.

A diverse city with an innovative spirit, San Jose is defined by its large tech campuses, its high-rise buildings in the business district and its suburban neighborhoods. With a Mediterranean climate that is defined by mild winters and hot, dry summers, this city frequently chooses refreshing iced teas as cool-off remedies. Here are the top 7 loose leaf teas in San Jose:

1. The Niagara Peach Tea

One of the most refreshing flavours out there, the Niagara Peach Tea combines lush peach notes with deliciously sweet overtones. The perfect iced tea for a hot summer day.

2. Mint Green Tea

With its exhilarating nature and refreshingly cool mint flavor, the delicious Mint Green Tea made it to the very top of the most popular loose leaf teas in San Jose. Mmmm, minty!

3. Ginger Green Tea

Another spicy and delicious combination, the Ginger Green Tea originates all the way from South Eastern China. With its numerous health benefits, the Ginger Green Tea has become one of San Jose’s favourites.

Image depicts loose leaf green tea from Tea Sante.

4. Sencha Cherry Rose Tea

The subtlety and gentle taste of our Sencha Cherry Rose Tea offers a unique exotic character that will thrill even the most demanding taste buds. An excellent choice for a relaxing afternoon.

5. Total Body Tea

The revitalizing nature of our Total Body Tea combines the well-known taste of ginger with a minty fresh overtone. It’s an invigorating taste with a delicate floral finish.

6. Long Island Strawberry Tea

The perfect choice to cool off on a hot summer day, our Long Island Strawberry Tea offers freshness and deliciousness with every sip. This tea combines the deliciousness of the wonderful strawberry with the health benefits of green tea.

As one of the most popular drinks in the world, tea is known for its many benefits. Tea lovers across the globe enjoy their daily cup at different times and in different ways. Some prefer their tea over breakfast, some like a relaxing cup before they go to bed; others take it whenever they need to improve their energy levels; then there are those who are passionate lovers of tea and those who like to explore the diversity of flavours and aromas. For whatever reason you drink your daily cup, we hope that you enjoy every sip of it.

At Tea Sante, we believe in connecting people with the wonderful, invigorating world of tea. That’s why we offer easy delivery of highest quality loose leaf teas straight to your doorstep. Explore our unique aromas at

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