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Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in Regina

Image depicts different flavours of lose leaf teas in jars.

There are few drinks that are perfect for just about any setting. Sitting on the patio under a summer sun. Lounging on the couch with a new book. Warming up by the fireplace during a particularly chilly winter night. Spending quality time with friends and/or family in your backyard during a get-together.

All of the above situations are made better with a good beverage that either refreshes your body and mind, warms you up during cold days, helps you relax, or keeps you cool during hot summer days. But where can you get a versatile drink that can satisfy you during all of these situations?

The answer, of course, is the ever-versatile loose leaf tea. Whether it is hot or cold outside, loose leaf tea is the perfect beverage to reach for because it can be made either hot or iced. It can also be caffeinated or herbal, and it can come in a variety of flavours because tea is sourced from all over the world and makes space for the addition of interesting ingredients like fruit pieces.

Image depicts person pouring tea into a cup.

Beyond its flavour, tea also carries with it many health benefits. From helping with heart and bone health to improving your digestion and immune system, tea is a wonderful drink that improves your life in so many ways.

If you are a Regina resident who is new to loose leaf tea or you if you are looking for new flavours to sample, there are plenty of blends out there for you – and we want to help you find those blends. To that end, we put together this article detailing the top 6 loose leaf teas in Regina.

1. Ginger Mint

When it is time to rest and relax after a long day, that’s the perfect time to brew a cup of our Ginger Mint tea. This is the ideal tea to help with your wellness routine. Its combination of peppermint and spearmint leaves, rosehip pieces, ginger, rooibos, rose, sunflower, calendula and Osmanthus petals makes for a delicious tea with a clean finish.

2. Midnight Mint

Add a twist to your morning cup of tea with our Midnight Mint tea. This is a black tea that is infused with peppermint leaves. The Midnight Mint gives your morning beverage the pick me up that you need but pairs it with a refreshing finish.

3. Niagara Peach Tea

Some people have a difficult time warming up to green tea because of its bitter taste. The Niagara Peach Tea solves that problem. This is a Jasmine green tea that has peach pieces added to it to give the overall flavour of the tea a sweet overtone.

4. Pink Lemonade Tea

There is nothing quite as refreshing on a hot day as a cool glass of lemonade. We thought we would add an intriguing twist to this classic beverage with our Pink Lemonade Tea. This is a sweet rooibos tea that is enhanced with lemongrass and raspberries. Next time it is hot outside, be sure to brew a cup of this refreshing tea.

5. Organic Delta Nile Chamomile Tea

The Nile Delta is one of the oldest, continually farmed piece of land. One of the reasons for this is because the area produces some of the finest chamomiles in the world. Our Organic Delta Nile Chamomile Tea is made with the leaves from the Delta Nile, and its flavour is rich, a little sweet and soothing.

6. Organic Honeybush Vanilla Tea

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself with something that is delicious and sweet. We have the perfect tea for that moment. Our Organic Honeybush Vanilla Tea is made with vanilla beans from Madagascar, and the honeybush in the tea gives this tea rich honey overtones.

Whether you are new to loose leaf tea or you want to be introduced to new flavours, these top 6 loose leaf teas in Regina is a good place to start. You can visit our website at to order delicious new teas at great prices.

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