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Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in Omaha

Image depicts loose leaf tea.

Omaha is known for being the most populous city in Nebraska. With so many people, one can only imagine the amount of culture and heritage each individual brings to the city. When it comes to beverages, the preferences will greatly vary. That’s what happens when you have a diverse city filled with vibrant people. From herbal to fruity, the following is a compilation of the top 6 loose leaf teas in Omaha:

Image depicts loose leaf tea.

1. Pink Lemonade Tea

Our list begins with a twist on a classic beverage. The Pink Lemonade Tea does an even better job of revitalizing your body than the standard lemonade. Aromatic and absolutely delicious, this drink artistically combines luxury rooibos, lemongrass, raspberry, and natural flavours to create a magical sipping experience. Best served iced on a hot summer day!

2. Chrysantheum

The Chrysanthemum tea is second on our list because of its numerous health benefits for the mind and body. With one single ingredient; chrysanthemum, this Chinese tea is truly a medicinal marvel. Not only does it alleviate chest pains, treat headaches, combat dizziness and fevers – its delectable aroma leaves you wanting more. Perfect to indulge in during any season, each cup is a true delight. For that very reason, this drink made it onto our list of the top 6 loose leaf teas in Omaha.

3. Hojicha Shizuoka Tea

Third on our list is the Hojicha Shizuoka Tea. Brewed until it releases a reddish colour, this drink features a full-bodied flavour. To balance out its dominating nature, a subtle cinnamon note is released. Created using a single ingredient, this luxurious roasted green tea symbolizes the fire within each of our souls. With every sip of this unique blend, you’ll enjoy comfortable warmth.

4. Golden Ginger Mix

The Golden Ginger Mix is an incredible blend of green tea, black tea, the bael nut, ginger pieces, turmeric, red and blue cornflower petals, as well as all-natural flavours. In addition to these luxurious ingredients, each cup offers a rich aroma in addition to its plethora of health benefits. From anti-inflammatory components to detoxification, this concoction is a true miracle.

5. Apples and Spice

Apples and Spice tea is the perfect reminiscent of a chilly autumn day, where all you want to do is indulge in warm spices, grab a hot beverage while you cozy up with a blanket. In fact, there’s no better form of relaxation than with this aromatic drink. Crafted by combining cinnamon, ginger, apple pieces, hibiscus and cornflower petals, stevia, clove, cardamom, black pepper, and natural flavours – you can rest assured your cup will be a savoury delight. Whether you drink this beverage as brewed, or add in some milk and transform the tea into a delectable latte, the choice is yours!

Image depicts herbal loose leaf tea.

6. Organic Pearl Matcha Tea

Last on our list is the Organic Pearl Matcha Tea. Originated in China, each cup holds significant character with its astringent bite. Crafted from a singular ingredient, it’s no surprise that this fine tea tastes clean and refreshing with every sip. In addition to its flavour, it provides revitalizing health benefits as well. So don’t hesitate to indulge in this beverage and take advantage of its offerings.

Teas, while appreciated, can be underrated because people are unaware of the string of benefits that follow its consumption. At Tea Sante, we are dedicated to offering exquisite loose leaf teas from our vast collections, at affordable prices. We are positive that you will find the right tea to satisfy your cravings – whether you seek an herbal tea, a fruity concoction, an aromatic cup or all of the above – we have what you are looking for. So don’t delay, visit our website to find your perfect fit today!

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