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Top 10 Loose Leaf Teas in Phoenix

Image depicts 6 different flavours of loose leaf teas.

Whether you need a caffeine hit in the morning before work or you just want a delicious beverage to enjoy while you are relaxing at home, tea is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed at any time.

Many people have discovered the joys of drinking tea, but there are those who have yet to discover tea in its best form. We are, of course, talking about loose leaf tea. Loose leaf is different from bagged tea because it is not made from the dust and fanning of tea leaves. This means that you get more of the tea leaves that make up the tea blend. The benefit of this is that you get more flavour and you get more of the nutrients from the leaves.

Image depicts 4 different types of loose leaf teas.

These benefits make these a great option for anyone who enjoys tea and wants to further explore their love of tea. With that in mind, we want to help you find new delicious teas for you to enjoy. Here are the top 10 loose leaf teas in Phoenix that you need to try:

1. Organic Tibet Wild Lavender

The aromatic lavender in the Organic Tibet Wild Lavender tea is picked from the Tibetan plateau. This tea is incredibly soothing and can help with any issues like nausea, an upset stomach and abdominal swelling.

2. Organic Elixir Tea

With ingredients sourced from Sri Lanka, Japan, South Africa, and Brazil, the Organic Elixir Tea is a luxury black tea with a complex and alluring taste. It consists of mate, sencha, rooibos, guarana, and malva.

3. Organic Exotic Rooibos Tea

The exquisite blend of this tea is quite harmonious and has a delicious and delicate flavour. The refreshing Organic Exotic Rooibos Tea is made up of luxury rooibos, lemongrass, lemon peel, cinnamon, cloves, coconut, and pineapple.

4. Lung Ching Dragon Well Tea

The leaves used in the Lung Ching Dragon Well Tea come from the West Lake in the Zhejiang Province in eastern China. This bright green tea has full-bodied, full green tea flavour that has a brisk flavour.

5. Watermelon Breeze

There’s nothing better on a warm summer day than watermelon – or the Watermelon Breeze tea from Tea Sante. This Oolong tea has a wonderful combination of ingredients and alluring aromas.

6. Russian Earl Grey Tea

This premium earl grey tea is infused with all-natural citrus notes that come from the combination of Thai lemongrass and peels from Spanish oranges. The Russian Earl Grey Tea is an interesting twist on a traditional tea.

7. Vanilla Oolong Tea

Are you a fan of oolong tea but are looking for a sweeter version? Then we have the perfect tea for you. Our Vanilla Oolong Tea, which is sourced from Taiwan, is a deliciously sweet version of a classic tea.

8. Celestial Fusion Blooming Tea

The Celestial Fusion Blooming Tea is a flower-based infusion tea that combines jasmine flowers and marigold with a smooth green tea base. A smooth and satisfying tea that will leave anyone refreshed.

9. Energy (Wellness Tea)

The Energy (Wellness Tea) has a fun aroma and eccentric flavour, and it will be a source of energy for anyone who drinks it. The stimulating yerba mate in this tea will give you the boost you need for your day.

10. Peach Apricot White Tea

This luxury white tea has a flavourful and delicious combination of mellow peaches and deep, flavoured apricots. The Peach Apricot White Tea is simply superb and will have your taste buds singing.

These are the best loose leaf teas in Phoenix that will excite your taste buds and liven up your tea collection at home. When you are ready to explore loose leaf teas, be sure to visit the Tea Sante website to peruse our incredible selection of teas.

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