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Top 10 Loose Leaf Teas in Austin

Image depicts a close-up of loose leaf tea leaves.

As one of the most popular drinks in the world, tea is known to be a delicious and healthy choice of beverage. The best thing about tea is that it goes with all kinds of social gatherings, whether you’d like to enjoy a great evening with family and friends, go out on a rendezvous with your significant other, or enjoy an idle afternoon with tea and treats just because you feel like it.

Most popular loose leaf teas in Austin

Famous for its lively musical scene, Austin is a vivid city that is home to world-class museums, wonderful ballet, amazing outdoor spaces and scenery. With its humid subtropical climate that includes long, hot summers and mild winters, Austin prefers loose leaf teas with fruity overtones that can be served hot and cold. Here are the top 10:

Image depicts different loose leaf tea flavours.

1. Citrus Green Apple

The most popular loose leaf tea in Austin is the Citrus Green Apple tea. With its refreshing fruity taste and an invigorating aroma this tea boasts some of the finest ingredients, including green tea, apples, lemon pieces, safflower petals and sunflower.

2. Sacura Cherry Rose White Tea

The Sacura Cherry Rose Tea offers a combination of astringent cherry notes and a natural white tea character. This soothing white tea blend provides a light, yet full bodied taste with delicate rose notes. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

3. Peach Apricot Tea

This flavourful combination of fruity peaches and apricots makes for an extremely delicious blend with a great refreshing taste. Ideal when served over ice, the Peach Apricot Tea has rightfully earned its place among the top ten loose leaf teas in Austin.

4. Wild Strawberry Tea

The sweet aroma of the Wild Strawberry Tea makes for another perfect iced drink that will keep you cool during the hot summer months. The wonderful scent of strawberries will make each sip a delight!

5. Vanilla Green Tea

As an irreplaceable ingredient to many dishes around the world, the mild and soothing vanilla makes for an incredible beverage when mixed with our specialty green tea. The Vanilla Green Tea is a healthy and delicious brew that will soothe your body and mind.

6. Cinnamon Sibu Tea

This rosy blend with enchanting notes of cinnamon will delight even the most demanding taste buds with aromatic tones of sweet cinnamon and rose petals. The Cinnamon Sibu Tea is perfect for those who want to try something new.

7. Sencha Cherry Rose Tea

This Sencha Cherry Rose Tea blend is enhanced with the delightful aroma of rose petals. It’s the full-bodied exotic character you’ve been looking for!

8. Kenya Nandi Safari Tea

This stunning white tea has become one of the most popular loose leaf teas in Austin because of its delightful exotic aroma and an exceptionally fresh taste with floral notes. The Kenya Nandi Safari Tea is a true stimulant for the senses!

9. Soursap Tea

The slightly acidic and sweet taste of the Ceylon Sousap Tea offers a uniquely delicious taste that can be served hot and cold.

10. Cream Earl Grey White Tea

With an exquisite creamy flavour and a deep Earl Grey finish, the Cream Earl Grey White Tea makes for one smooth cup that you’ll love. As one of the most popular teas in the world, Earl Grey offers a unique aroma and a familiar taste.

Whatever the reason why you enjoy your daily cup of tea, and whenever you choose to enjoy it, Tea Sante is here to make sure you stock up on premium quality loose leaf teas delivered straight to your doorstep. Which ones would you like to try first?

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