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Top 8 Loose Leaf Teas in Long Beach

Image depicts an assortment of loose leaf tea.

With Long Beach being a coastal city in Southern California, it’s no surprise that miles of waters lead to a high humidity index. Luckily Long Beach residents know there’s no better way to combat the unbearable heat than with a refreshing beverage in hand. Here are the top 8 loose leaf teas in Long Beach:

Image depicts brewed tea.

1. Honeybush Herbal Tea

The Honeybush Herbal Tea is a refreshing and cleansing cup with hints of honey. Crafted with a single ingredient; the powerful honeybush, this lightly roasted brew is both full-bodied and sweet. Beyond its delicious taste, it is also known to help fight diabetes and high blood sugar.

2. Tropical Pina Colada

Tropical Pina Colada is a tea bursting with hibiscus petals, pineapples, and coconut. Very reminiscent of a summer getaway, it has notes of apple to fully create a tart and fruity punch, as well as rosehips for that slightly sweet and floral aftertaste.

3. Organic Peppermint Tea

Whether you are in need of a warm or cold brew, the Organic Peppermint tea is an ideal choice. Grown in the United States, and created using peppermint as its single ingredient, this tea is pungent, cool and absolutely refreshing. Its minty flavor leaves you feeling energized and invigorated. In addition to its flavor, it carries many health benefits – particularly for the stomach. Aiding with aches and pains, as well as heartburns, this miracle drink is a true delight. Which is why this was absolutely necessary to include in our list of the top 8 loose leaf teas in Long Beach.

4. Organic Sencha Fuji Tea

The next on our list is the Organic Sencha Fuji Tea. A China native, this organic green tea has a bright forest green brew. Each quality cup has slightly vegetative and fruity properties, with a clean and refreshing aftertaste.

5. Organic Gyokuro Tea

Organic Gyokuro Tea is another organic green tea on our list of must-tries! Another refreshing cup, with delicious vegetative notes. This lively drink brings out the feeling of wholeness with every sip. If you like feeling calm and energized, this is the tea for you!

6. Bella Coola Herb & Fruit

Bella Coola Herb & Fruit is the perfect summer tea. Best enjoyed cold, this fragrant pick-me-up has an orange character with the lovely sweetness of apples, rosehips, hibiscus and orange peel. If you like fruity goodness, be sure to try this delectable drink!

7. Berry Berry – Herb & Fruit Tea

Another berrylicious favorite on our list is the Berry Berry – Herb & Fruit Tea. Brewed out as a full-flavored burgundy red delight, each cup is filled with deep berry notes. Blended with various dried fruits and herbs, this herbal tea is both rich in flavonoids and packed with health benefits. The combination of hibiscus, elderberry, currants, rosehips provides relief from high blood pressure and immune problems. Enjoyed hot or cold, this is a strong contender on our list.

8. Cranberry Apple Tea

Last, but definitely not the least, on our list is the scrumptious Cranberry Apple Tea. Created using a blend of herbs and fruits from countries such as Canada, USA, Thailand and Spain, each cup brings forward an internationally unique, and delicious taste. If you’re craving a tangy, sweet, delight – this drink is the one for you. Enjoyed both hot and cold, this caffeine-free treat is also the perfect and healthy substitute to sugary juices.

Teas, while appreciated, can be underrated because people are unaware of the string of benefits that follow its consumption. At Tea Sante, we are dedicated to offering exquisite loose leaf teas from our vast collections, at affordable prices. We are positive that you will find the right tea to satisfy your cravings – whether you seek an herbal tea, a fruity concoction, an aromatic cup or all of the above – we have what you are looking for. The options are limitless, while the quality is always at its best!

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