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Top 8 Loose Leaf Teas in Atlanta

Image depicts loose leaf tea leaves on wooden spoons.

Atlanta is known for its rapid expansion and industrial progression. With a city so consumed in its hard work, it’s no surprise that the people of Atlanta need some time to relax and renew. Indulging in tea is a sure-fire way to achieve just that. The following at the top 8 loose leaf teas in Atlanta:

1. Earl Grey Green Tea

Our list begins with the familiar Earl Grey Green Tea. Grown in Sri Lanka, this pale yellowish-green brew is infused with all-natural bergamot oil. Known for its soothing effects, this green tea is combined with cornflower petals which gives it a robust flavour – one with citrus overtones. Perfect for mornings or evenings, each cup will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Image depicts loose leaf black tea.

2. Long Island Strawberry Tea

Our second contender is the refreshing Long Island Strawberry Tea. This green tea is created by combining strawberries, papaya and natural flavors for that delicious tropical taste. Each cup is filled with an aromatic punch, so whether like the brew hot or cold, this drink will leave you feeling satisfied.

3. Lemon Green Tea

The Lemon Green Tea is the third on our list. Each cup is created by blending the green tea together with calendula, lime pieces and natural flavors for that added kick to a classic drink. Infamous for its numerous benefits, this healthy habit will protect your body and ease your soul. It’s no wonder why this brew made it on our list of top 8 loose leaf teas in Atlanta.

4. Kenya Nandi Safari White Tea

Kenya Nandi Safari White Tea offers a luxurious, perfumy cup, with naturally exquisite flavor. In addition to its delicious goodness, white tea is generally known to be jam-packed with more benefits than green or black tea combined. This makes the drink even more desirable! Definitely a must-try.

5. Soursop Tea

The Soursop Tea is a sweet yet slightly acidic drink. Crafted by combining the luxurious black tea, pear, blackberry leaf, lime leaves and natural flavors – this Sri Lankan native is delicious served hot or cold. Discover this exotic fruity cup today!

6. Wild Strawberry Tea

The Wild Strawberry Tea is an aromatic and full-bodied delight. Fused with luxurious black tea, papaya, blackberry leaf, natural flavors and decadent strawberries – this fruity concoction will leave you craving more. Each sip is followed by the scent of freshly picked strawberries. A delicious pick-me-up, you can enjoy it warm or served over ice.

7. Peach Apricot Tea

Peach Apricot Tea is a flavorful combination of fruity peaches and apricots with notes of blackberries, calendula, sunflower, papaya and natural flavors. The ingredients are infused into the luxurious black tea – making each cup a true delight. While you can enjoy it hot or cold, it makes for a tremendous iced tea!

8. Mango Mist Tea

Last on our list is the Mango Mist Tea. If you enjoy fruity notes, particularly mangoes, this drink is the one for you. Crafted using premium ingredients such as lime leaves, calendula, and sunflower – this mango infused black tea is absolutely addicting. With its fresh, piquant mango character, its rich flavors will leave you wanting more.

At Tea Sante, we’ve made it our mission to connect individuals with exquisite taste to exquisite teas. If you’re searching for a tropical delight, a healthy-conscious cup, or a simple brew – we’ve got the perfect loose leaf tea for you. Visit our website to look through the limitless options, and find your right fit today!

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