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Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in Virginia Beach

Image dpeicts some different loose leaf teas.

Tea has gained a lot of popularity in Virginia Beach over the recent years. With it being a coastal city in southeastern Virginia, it’s no surprise that its residents gravitate towards invigorating beverages from time to time to fight the summer heat. Luckily teas are just as versatile as people. Whether people prefer a cup to kick-start their day or a delicious fruity mix for a relaxing afternoon refresher – there’s a tea for every occasion. Here are the top 6 loose leaf teas in Virginia Beach:

1. Pai Mu Dan White Tea

The first on our list is the Pai Mu Dan White Tea. It produces a clear, slightly pale cup, with a fresh aroma. Originated in China, this luxurious white tea has a smooth, velvety flavor. Known to have more antioxidants than black and green tea combined, every cup packs numerous health benefits in addition to its delicious taste. Be sure to indulge in this healthy concoction.

Image depicts dark loose leaf tea.

2. Ginger Mint Tea

The second on our list is the wellness Ginger Mint Tea. Crafted by combining peppermint and spearmint leaves, rosehip pieces, ginger, rose, sunflower, calendula and osmanthus petals – this rooibos tea is the perfect drink after a long day. With every sip accompanied by a clean finish, try a cup and begin your relaxation journey today!

3. SereniTEA

SereniTEA is another drink that is best used after a long day. Not only does its special ayurvedic formula relieve tension and stress, but this herbal tea is also the ideal formula for restoring sleep. Crafted by using chamomile, peppermint, lavender – this blend will permeate your mind and body to relax.

4. Cranberry Apple Tea

Cranberry Apple Tea may sound simple but this herbal tea bridges international flavors to create complex piquancy that will leave you wanting more. Not only are the herbs and fruits cultivated from different countries, each cup caffeine-free, rich in vitamin C, and absolutely delicious. For those reasons, any many more, this brew had to be included in our list of the top 6 loose leaf teas in Virginia Beach.

5. Angel Falls – Herbs & Fruit

Angel Falls – Herbs & Fruit is a wildly exotic tea, crafted with apples, hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, calendula and natural flavors. When brewed, it takes on a pinkish hue and releases a fruity aroma. You can enjoy this herbal tea hot or cold. Add a pinch of sugar to elevate its flavor profile!

6. Blue Eyes – Herbs & Fruit

Blue Eyes – Herbs & Fruit is another sweet delight. This herbal tea, unlike the one above, has an almost candy-like flavor. Created by combining apples, rosehips, hibiscus, cornflower petals and natural flavors – every sip is followed by notes of caramel. Indulge in this antioxidant-filled savoury drink, knowing that this unique blend is completely healthy and caffeine-free.

Loose leaf teas, while appreciated, can be underrated because people are unaware of the string of benefits that follow its consumption. At Tea Sante, we are dedicated to offering exquisite loose leaf teas from our vast collections, at affordable prices. We are positive that you will find the right tea to satisfy your cravings – whether you seek an herbal tea, a fruity concoction, an aromatic cup or all of the above – we have what you are looking for. So don’t delay, go to our website to find your perfect fit today!

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