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Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in Boston

Image depicts three different flavours of loose leaf tea.

Known to be one of the oldest American cities, Boston is known for various things. Some of which include its cultural attractions, its innovative nature, its enthusiasm for sports, as well as its green spaces. In fact, with all the constant innovation, people are aiming towards a work-life balance. Of course with the quality of life being high in this particular city, it is no surprise that residents are more likely to opt for healthier alternatives. One change that has garnered recognition is the increasing indulgence of tea – for its benefits of course!

One notable thing about loose leaf teas is the fact that no matter your preference or taste, there is a perfect tea out there for anyone and everyone. Whether you enjoy something herbal, a fruity punch, a tropical delight, or something with a little potency to it – you are bound to find a tea that resonates with you – or even with your circumstance.

Whether you need a calming drink for an unwinding session after a long day, or a tangy refresher to kick-start your morning – there is literally a tea for every situation! In addition to its array of different flavours and aromas, each cup is filled with numerous health benefits. So you’ll know that with every brew, you are helping yourself in more ways than one. Here are the top 8 loose leaf teas in Boston:

Image depicts a close-up of loose leaf tea.

1. Earl Grey Green Tea

Our list begins with the familiar Earl Grey Green Tea. Grown in Sri Lanka, this pale yellowish-green brew is infused with an all-natural bergamot oil that is known for its soothing effects. This green tea is filled with robust flavors and citrus overtones. Perfect for mornings or evenings, each cup will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

2. Long Island Strawberry Tea

Our second contender is the Long Island Strawberry Tea. Each cup of this green tea is filled with an aromatic punch – and prepared with delicious ingredients such as strawberry and papaya. So whether like the brew hot or cold, this tropical drink will leave you feeling both satisfied and refreshed.

3. Lemon Green Tea

The Lemon Green Tea is the third on our list. Each cup is created by blending the green tea together with calendula, lime pieces and natural flavors for that added kick to a classic drink. Infamous for its numerous benefits, this healthy habit will protect your body and ease your soul. It’s no wonder why this brew made it on our list of top 8 loose leaf teas in Boston.

4. Radiant Raspberry Tea

If you’re into fruity flavors and fragrant notes, then the Radiant Raspberry Tea is perfect for you. Formed by blending together green tea, raspberry and natural flavours, this drink can be enjoyed hot or cold. If you seek a high in antioxidants kind of drink – look no further.

5. Cream Earl Grey White Tea

Indulge in the classic Earl Grey taste and a creamy finish with the Cream Earl Grey White Tea. Each cup offers a unique aroma and smooth taste. This is one beverage you don’t want to miss out on.

6. Vanilla Oolong Tea

The Vanilla Oolong Tea is a naturally sweet cup that comes straight from Taiwan. Paired beautifully with dessert or enjoyed on its own, this drink’s underlying notes are best described as warm and bakey. Moreover, the dark sugar quality of vanilla beans adds an interesting texture element to the mix. One sip and this may just turn into your favorite go-to beverage.

While the teas mentioned above are sure to satisfy, if you are looking for something specific – do not hesitate to visit our website! At Tea Sante, we are dedicated to inclusivity. No matter your preference, no matter your age, our vast collection of loose leaf teas carries your perfect brew! Find your favourite and we’ll have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Don’t delay, find your ideal cup today!

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