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Top 10 Loose Leaf Teas in Houston

Image depicts numerous flavours of loose leaf teas.

No matter what time of year or what the temperature is like outside, brewing a cup of tea is always a good idea. Whether you need a good caffeine kick, a delicious fruity beverage or a calming drink to help you relax, tea is a versatile drink that you can always enjoy.

If you’re someone who enjoys teas your standard bagged teas (like black and green tea), then we would like to introduce you to loose leaf tea. Unlike bagged tea, loose leaf gives your more from the tea leaves. Bagged tea is often made from the dust and fannings of tea leaves, whereas loose leaf is made from whole leaves. This means that you get more flavour along with more of the nutrients from the leaves, which is what has made loose leaf such an appealing option for tea lovers across the world.

You may be new to loose leaf teas, which is fine. We’re here to help introduce you to loose leaf with some delicious options that you can get in Houston. So without further ado, here are the top 10 loose leaf teas in Houston.

1. Strawberry Kiwi – Herb & Fruit

The Strawberry Kiwi – Herb & Fruit tea is a full-bodied brew that contains a lovely blend of dried fruits. It includes apples, kiwis and strawberries mixed with hibiscus, rosehips and other natural flavours.

2. Angel Falls – Herb & Fruit

This tea has a wild and exotic strawberry and lemon flavour with a hint of sugar. The Angel Falls – Herb & Fruit blend can be enjoyed either hot or iced, which makes this tea the perfect year-round beverage.

3. Organic Calendula Petals

This sweet tea is made from the petals of a versatile and unique flower. The colourful petals that make up this blend have a mild vegetal note. The Organic Calendula Petals tea is a bright, pick-me-up tea is the ideal brew for brightening up your day.

4. Royal Bi Lo Chun Tea

Bi Lo Chun translates to “Green Snail Spring”. The Royal Bi Lo Chun Tea gets this name because its leaves are rolled into a snail-like shape. This green tea is grown in the shade of apricot, plum and peach trees, where it absorbs the scent of fruit blossoms.

Image depicts green tea leaves.

5. Lung Ching Imperial Tea

The leaves of this tea are distinguished by their long shape, emerald colour, aroma, and sweet floral taste. The Lung Ching Imperial Tea is a bright, full-bodied green tea with a unique flavour.

6. Cream Earl Grey Tea

An intriguing and flavourful twist on a classic tea blend, the Cream Earl Grey Tea is a luxury black tea with a rich flavour. The soft hints of cream and vanilla overtones make this tea a must-have.

7. Exotic Bloom

The delicious Exotic Bloom tea combines maple and blackberry with a fascinating blend of Assam black and green teas. Mallow and cornflower petals round out the rich flavour profile of this tea.

8. Chill Eraser

The Chill Eraser tea pairs fragrant citrus with sweet wintery fruits to create an excellent flavour. With its blend of lemongrass, stevia leaves, ginger, lemon pieces, apples, cinnamon, hibiscus cardamom, and cloves, this tea is the perfect beverage to enjoy during a cool night.

9. SereniTEA

The SereniTEA has a calming blend of relaxing herbs, including chamomile, peppermint, lavender, and fruity notes. This brew is perfect for calming the body and the mind.

10. Total Body Tea

The osmanthus and hibiscus in the Total Body Tea gives off a soothing aroma, while the rooibos and rosehip give this tea a fruity boost.

When it comes to getting loose leaf teas in Houston, these 10 loose leaf teas from Tea Sante are the right place to start. We have a wide variety of teas with many different flavours for you to explore.

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