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Top 10 Loose Leaf Teas in Kelowna

Image depicts loose leaf tea leaves.

The city of Kelowna is anything but ordinary. While it may be smaller than most, it is brimming with an incredible blend of cultures and settings. From its rural landscapes, filled pristine waters and beautiful scenery, to its urban locations filled with cultural districts, there’s a little something for everyone – locals and visitors alike. […]

Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in Tucson

Image depicts 6 different flavours of loose leaf teas.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery and breathtaking mountains, Tucson, boasts an outdoorsy culture that attracts astronomers and tourists from around the world. Filled with local observatories and stargazing points, Tucson is the perfect place for stargazing since it suffers from far less light pollution than most cities in the USA, which allows for beautiful clear skies. […]

Top 7 Loose Leaf Teas in Albuquerque

Image depicts a close-up of loose leaf tea leaves.

Albuquerque is one New Mexico city that delivers delicious local cuisine, an outdoorsy culture that won’t break your bank and never-ending sunny days. Boasting some beautiful parks and great weather, Albuquerque offers a small-town feel while still delivering big city advantages. When it comes to tea, Albuquerque residents have their specific preferences. Some can’t imagine […]

Top 6 Loose Leaf Teas in San Jose

Image depicts bags of different loose leaf tea blends.

A diverse city with an innovative spirit, San Jose is defined by its large tech campuses, its high-rise buildings in the business district and its suburban neighborhoods. With a Mediterranean climate that is defined by mild winters and hot, dry summers, this city frequently chooses refreshing iced teas as cool-off remedies. Here are the top […]